Noelle Francis

Paintings from around the World

Noelle Francis, Biography

Born in Cairo in 1942, Noelle Francis studied first at Ravensbourne College of Art before completing her teaching training at Cardiff School of Art in 1965. First exhibiting at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 1n 1967 (and on several occasions since), she came to live and work in East Anglia in the early 1970’s and has shown subsequently at many of the leading galleries in the region, in recent years most notably at the Grapevine in Norwich, the Bury St Edmunds Art Gallery, the Halesworth Gallery, Cork Brick in Bungay and the Norfolk and Norwich Arts Festival. Noelle has also been a prime mover in the highly successful artist-led Harleston and Waveney Art Trail.

She has always been an adventurous traveller, her journeys in recent years taking her to the rainforests of Borneo and South America as well as to India, South Africa and Australia, and many of her rich and brilliantly coloured oils and watercolours reflect the intense visual experiences provided by their sea and landscapes, which more recently have also included the newly discovered, underwater beauties of tropical coral reefs. As well as travel, however, Noelle’s other great passion is gardening, and her beautiful garden in South Norfolk provides another fertile source of artistic inspiration. Noelle has evolved a highly individual and very distinctive semi-abstract style, the brilliant blues and golds, greens and scarlets of her colourful palette, making a powerful visual impression on the viewer.

Spanish palm